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  Eye Care Services  

The latest technology for your eyes...

Operations have become vision correction for the time being a practical necessity and not a luxury, as some believe cosmetic, where studies have shown the accuracy of vision correction and superiority over conventional methods (glasses and contact lenses) to correct refractive fare worse. Where improved visual ability of the patient after the operation significantly, and the factors of safety and public safety are available in modern equipment has made the possibility of a very few complications, with a success rate of LASIK99.8% and is one of the highest ratios in the world of medicine and surgery.

Natural vision:

To give an idea of simplified how vision can be likened to the eye camera , where the entry of light rays that transmits images of objects and people into the eye through the cornea through Balbaba Valadsh crystalline located inside the eye , concentrated rays on the retina , a sensitive part of the light in the eye ( like a movie camera ) and then navigate through images of the optic nerve after converted to electrical signals to the nerve centers of vision in the brain where it is processed and apprehensive . And even have a clear vision and must light rays are focused entirely on the center of the retina (Stain yellow) and parts of the retina is more sensitive to light and colors.

• safety circles transparent and prey in the eye (the cornea /anterior chamber/lens/vitreous)

• the safety and consistency of convexity of the cornea

• The focal length of the eye (the length of the eye)

• the safety and function of the retina and the optic nerve and vision centers in the brain

What are the cases can be treated by "Lasik"?

Device can Allegretto Eye Q 400treata broad spectrum off are worse refraction and the different types of

Nearsightedness (Myopia) where the image is made up by the retina, this happens either because of the increased diameter eye or an increase in the curvature of the cornea, becomes a distant vision of things are not clear, and keep seeing things nearby and relatively clear

Hyperopia (Hypermetropia) and in this case concentrated rays of light behind the retina, and so when the curvature of the cornea less than normal any be flat or have a diameter eye less than normal, becomes a vision of things nearby unclear and distant objects remain visible but inaccurate parameters.

Deviation (Astigmatism) occurs as a result of irregular curvature of the cornea and the dissipated rays of light as it passes through the cornea and gather in front of and behind the retina, which makes things visible far and near are unclear and confusing.


What processes are available for vision correction?


So named because the lasers directly address the surface of the cornea after removing the surface layer of cells, and suitable for the few degrees of corneal thickness or low.


This is where the work of a very thin slice from the surface of the cornea by a pruning surface of the cornea and the newer sophisticated of its kind in the world(Moria M2 Microkeratome).Shed and then beam the process or into the cornea. And characterized by a lack of pain, if any, and the stability of the patch and speed healing after surgery


In this process is to remove the surface layer of the cornea by a special solution, and then returned to class this place after the operation, where they help to speed healing, and can be done with a thickness of corneas too low.


And is a special process to remove Ata mat densities and the corneal surface by laser.

The technique used to make the SBK treat high degrees of myopia (up to 14) - possible, can be treated as deviation and hyperopia up to 6 + degrees, provided the safety of the eye in general and in particular the cornea.

When can a process? And who are the people who can be held to them?

The acceptable age for the operation of at least 18 calendar years , and can be done without any age 55 years , provided the absence of any pre-existing illnesses of the eye , or the presence of changes in the lens of the eye ( cataract ) or retina due to age. It also is advisable to be the overall health of a person is good and does not suffer from chronic diseases that may affect the eye in the future

Your doctor will work tests and comprehensive measurements of the eye to assess your suitability for the operation, and then enter the results into a special computer for programming the coordinates and measurements of the eye to be corrected before the operation.

The Allegretto Eye Q 400deviceLASIKlatest in the world in terms of the speed of treatment and accuracy, and is due to control the whole stages of laser treatment by the computer and having a camera with a high-speed Eye Tracker locate the eye before and during orientation Scan Lasik to the cornea, so that the remaining scan in the center, even if the eye does not move voluntarily or spontaneously during the operation, there is no need to worry that any part is exposed to the rays of LASIK cornea.


What should be done before and after the operation?

Before the operation, you must stop using contact lenses for a period of not less than a week (for soft lenses) and two weeks (for hard lenses). And in order to take measurements of corneal thickness and curvature accurately.

Must stop using all cosmetics kohl and a week before the operation, with clean eyelids and eyelashes of any trace of her the day before the operation, at least.

Process is done using a local anesthetic (drops), and in general, a person does not feel any pain during the operation

In the first three days after the operation must use protective eyewear during sleep, to protect the surface of the cornea. It also should not be washing the face or rubbing the eyes, and are cleaned by eye drops special Sacefha you to the doctor after the operation.

Review the next day for an important process, and to ensure the safety of the eye and the absence of any infections, God forbid, and the revisions that followed prescribed by your doctor as needed.


When the patient can exercise his natural life after Lasik?

The patient can go out and drive the car and watch TV in the next day for the procedure, and it can exercise light such as walking, jogging and return to work during the first week of the operation, but it must be cautious and abide by some of the instructions for a brief period, such as not to touch or rub the eye, not water entering the eye (bathing or washing the face) in the first 24 hours after the operation.

No smoking or exposure to smoke and the suns rays, in addition to avoiding the use of perfume on the face and do not put kohl or cosmetics on the eyelashes or eyelids (for women) in the first two weeks after the operation

You should avoid swimming and extreme sports and water sports for a period of not less than 3 weeks after the operation.

Do not put your contact lenses (colored) on the eye after LASIK for a period of not less than 3 weeks, and must be very careful when returning to their use, and are advised to leave it all in for a period of six months after the operation, in addition to the need to meet the deadlines for periodic review and use the drops that prescribed by your doctor after the operation.


What side effects of LASIK?

In fact, Tattabramlah Lasik of more operations safer in eye surgery, and though there could be some visual symptoms temporary and which vary in severity and duration from one patient to another, most notably dry eye as well as the fascination of light that occurs at night when you look at some of the bright lights, or temporary confusion to consider, but that gradually diminished in the first three months after the operation.

In some cases may occur redness around the eye immediately after the operation because of equipment used to install the eyelids during the operation , this does not cause any change in the unit and consider gradually disappear within two weeks after the operation.

Do not hesitate to consult your doctor; health of your eyes is important to us.




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